„Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” (Albert Einstein)

Every new year brings hopes and plans for better results, for new clients, or for new ways of performing our duties. The collective mindset tries to leave behind all the bad things that happened during the previous year, and invest the new one with the positive approach that things can improve in the months to come. The mindset is good but usually is not enough. To have better results, we need to understand first what went wrong in the past and what can be improved. Usually, we tend to stick with projects or approaches we are used to.

But is this the right way?

In my Coaching practice, I’ve seen a lot of clients or students that were trying to make a change without transforming their way of looking at things. To be honest, this is natural, because our mind works on maps already built. When new variables appear, our mind may perceive them as an invasion, hence will start fighting against them. I’ve noticed this tendency in the approach of my business as well. And the funny yet concerning thing is that we are tempted to perform the same actions even if they didn’t work before. That seed of hope is so well implemented into our system, that we could tend to become insane as Einstein used to say „Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

So, what can we do to step out of this damaging loop?

What I recently did, was to set my priorities at the beginning of the year taking into account important aspects that will contribute to my well-being, hence to the well-being of my business.

Why is important for me to set my priorities based on things that are contributing to my well-being?

Well… because I used to work a lot and follow trends that were supposed to increase my business visibility and my cash flow, and I found it hard to implement. That’s why I think is crucial to look at things differently, and to assess pragmatically my initial cause of becoming an entrepreneur. For me, it was my inner need to express my services’ added value in my way. My business had to represent who I am, and during the last years, I made exactly the opposite. I was too focused on what the market needs and how the general mindset answers to some stimulus and I lost myself from it. Hence for 2023, my priorities were established based on the following questions.


  1. Are my services and products useful to companies and individuals?
  2. Are my services bringing joy and satisfaction to my customers?
  3. Are my services bringing something new to the business environment?
  4. Are they contributing to the current business paradigm change?
  5. Is this business bringing me joy?
  6. Is this business my way to contribute to the business environment and people development?
  7. Do I love my services and products?
  8. Am I happy when I perform certain tasks? (Here I listed all the tasks I have to perform for my business and evaluate which one brings me joy and which one doesn’t).
  9. Who can help me with the tasks I don’t like to perform?
  10. Where can I find this help?
  11. Do I have the budget to externalize some of the tasks?
  12. If I don’t have the budget, how can I make the money needed to externalize some of the tasks? And so on…

As you can see, these are self-coaching questions that can be used by each of us when we try to approach our businesses from a new angle.

My angle was my personal and my business well-being. Yours can be different, but a series of honest questions addressed to yourself can be more effective than any resolution list people are doing lately.

I am not a fan of this approach, as I’ve seen in my personal relationships and during my Coaching practice how much damage can do to people’s mindsets in a long run. From an “I’m not good enough” perception to even depression when we see our resolutions not met, these well-sold lists on social media that apparently can improve your life quality or goals achievement overnight, are more damaging to your brain and self-esteem than you can imagine.

Hence, be gentle and realistic with your goals for 2023, and good luck with achieving as many as possible. If you will not achieve all of them, remember there is another year waiting for you to grow your skills and change your mindset, in order to reach that peak you’ve been dreaming about. The most important thing is to have fun and enjoy the journey!

Happy and joyful 2023!

N.B. The article was published in WEI FOR YOU magazine, here.