business soul2$oul


We build People native profiling and we identify their natural place within the organization.


We assess your processes and compare the results with the current organizational structure.


We propose you the ideal business structure and processes to boost profitability.

The Right People on the Right Jobs

Business Soul2$oul is an innovative model that helps you to have the right people on the right jobs matching their talents, in order to get the maximum profitability via engaged teams.

The labor market is facing difficulties in terms of people retention, and our new model addresses this challenge starting with its root cause. The leading actors of Business Soul2$oul model are the employees. We believe that nowadays we don’t have to tell them what to do anymore. We just need to give them the right job for their talents, and they will naturally achieve the targeted Profit Rate.

Our Vision

The business environment has to adapt to the new world’s paradigm by empowering people to use their natural talents while they are assigned on the right jobs. That’s how they will naturally and consistently achieve the targeted Profit Rate.

Our Mission

To unveil a new way of doing business treating the Human Being as the Core of the business. We take the responsibility to act as a driving force in installing a natural feature in the worldwide business environment.

Our Team

People working with People and for People for more than 20 years. Our voice is a sum of all the voices we heard complaining about their job or their employees engagement low rate, and our solution is an answer to the new business world’s needs. 

Benefits for your Employees & your Business


Increase employees’ retention and decrease all staff attrition costs.


Adapt business processes to market needs, and streamline it to cut off waste.


Adapt business structure to efficient processes and talented people


Increase project / business line profitability rate

People assessed
Companies applying Business Soul2$oul model

What Our clients say

"We had a very nice experience while working with Adrian and Diana. When we've started our collaboration, in our group of companies there were so many problems linked to the way people used to interact with each other and the jobs they were assigned to. This collaboration helped us due to the fact that we gained clarity and even results in a very short time. Things settled down and we got the possibility to manage our activities in a more practical way and more results oriented for all the companies in our group."
Bogdan Nicoară

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