Business Soul2$oul for People Engagement and Profit

Business Soul2$oul

What would you say if I would tell you that the profit target can be reached more easily than you thought so far?

With the right employees for the right jobs matching their talents, and the perfect infrastructure that best suits the business you run, the above statement has a real basis.

In a new social, political, economic and psychological context, the challenges can be approached with new tools. And if we don’t have new tools, the easiest way is to adapt the roots to the new soil and water them differently from the way we’ve done it so far.

The installation of a new context does not happen overnight. It is announced by various factors, and if you pay attention to the signs, you can sense the inevitable change. Working in the business environment for over 15 years, I had the chance to create, analyze and change the work dynamics both nationally and internationally. This way, I understood that the behavioral patterns and the work patterns are the same. We repeat indefinitely the same loop built by someone at one point and so we expand. And changing or getting out of the loop becomes more and more difficult due to the roots of generations that feed it.

But the loop was installed by someone, just as you install a new operating system on a computer. Most of us use Microsoft Windows (released in 1985), but Mac OS (Unix) was released in 1989, and two years later Linux v 0.01 (Sept. 17, 1991). Those who created other operating systems, analyzed existing systems and had a vision for the future. They felt the change long before it occurred at the mass level and contributed to the installation of the new reality step by step.

Our vision has emerged on a similar intuition for change and is focused on adapting the business environment to the new global paradigm. We have anticipated this change in the last two years, but in the current social and economic context it seems that the environment is forcing us all to transform and adapt. And in these circumstances, we are ready to present Business Soul2$oul model to a large level of business users: employers and employees from any industry.

Business challenges

Officially launched on October 30, 2019 at the “Future Business Human Business” conference, organized by the Romanian-American University in collaboration with the WomenEsteem International Community, Business Soul2$oul is an innovative business model that helps companies allocate the right people on the right jobs, taking into account their native talents. Thus, by putting the “right person in the right place”, maximum profitability can be achieved by inner motivated employees, and 100% involved and responsible for what they do.

The direct benefits of implementing such a business model have a direct positive effect on the major challenges most companies are facing, regardless of the industry in which they operate.

Positive effects for People (employees)

  • Increasing the level of inner motivation and satisfaction of people who end up working on jobs that match their native talents.
  • Increasing staff retention in the company by recruiting or reallocating people to the jobs matching their native talents.
  • Reducing the costs of retaining people in the company and / or hiring and integrating new people for positions where the staff turnover rate is high.

Positive effects at Process level

By mapping or reviewing the work process, the emphasis is placed on optimizing and adapting it to market needs, eliminating loss (i.e. downtime, excessive manual checks, role duplication, etc.).

Positive effects at Profit level

Increasing the profitability rate per project or business line. The impact is different depending on the size of the company or business line, and the industry in which the company operates. So far, we have obtained a minimum of 10% increase after the full implementation of process optimizations and organizational structure (minimum 1 year, depending on the implementation speed of the company).

This model is exactly that piece that is currently missing from the business environment. Thanks to the business expertise that our team has, we know exactly how to make this adaptation by focusing on people’s native talents and allocating them to those jobs that they can excel at.

In this way, they will perform naturally and systematically and will achieve the required rate of return, without the need to be monitored step by step and motivated from the outside to do so. And in a world where the trend will be to increase the share of employees working from home, Business Soul2$oul model proactively responds to this general need that has made its presence felt in the last three months globally.

If the above information about Business Soul2$oul model has clarified what we do and is interesting for your business, I invite you to contact us directly here.