Diana-Maria Georgescu

CoFounder Delta Guide - Reshaping Perspectives

Business Optimization Expert

Professionally, I am an experienced Life and Corporate Coach and Counsellor for Personal Development. In this area, I had the chance to create different programs for mentorship, counseling and coaching for private sector mostly in multinational environment, and for Romanian public sector (Education and Economic Associations).

My native talent in working with people became noticeable early in my career. That’s why I’ve been appointed to build and manage teams, departments, processes and propose improvements in a global environment since I was 24. However, my soul was not looking for managing people, but for helping them grow and inspiring them to become their better version. And according to the feedbacks that I still receive after years when I occasionally meet some of my former colleagues, I think I’ve been quite successful from this perspective.

As a human being, I love to push my limits and make my dreams come true. In 2013 I decided to walk 930 km on the Camino of Santiago and I did it. In 2016, against all the advices that women cannot travel alone in India, I had a two weeks’ trip exploring some parts of India and meeting in McLeod Ganj one of the most inspiring people in the world: His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama. I don’t believe in impossible things and dreams that cannot become reality. I rather follow Walt Disney famous quote “If you can dream it, you can do it!”. 

Life proved me that you can have everything you want, and everything you create inside your heart with a strong desire, love, kindness and perseverance. Each interaction and each experience I had in my personal life and in my career, was a strong brick added to what I am today. What I am not today, it’s on one hand due to my choices, and on the other hand due to not knowing you or not having yet a certain experience.









Irina Pârvu

CoFounder Delta Guide - Reshaping Perspectives

Relationship Coach

I help people create more harmonious, vivid and greater relationships with others, with themselves and with every aspect of their lives, by combining professional and creative strategies in an atmosphere of simplicity, warmth, fun, respect and appreciation.

My professional perspective as coach and trainer is enriched by my business experience, as Senior Lawyer, for over 18 years in different legal and middle management positions. I have gathered good abilities in negotiation, coaching, training, legal writing, public speaking and mentoring. I am also, passionate about psychology, painting, the art of acting and storytelling.

My greatest passion of all times is to see how a person lights up when they are truly seen, listened, appreciated and cared for. It has always been easy for me to find beauty in every person and guide them to get what they want in life. That is my talent and mission. When people are aware of the resources inside of them, they can achieve anything they want.

One of my main goals is to be an outstanding creator of my life and help others be that too. I believe happiness is achieved when you know yourself and what you want and when you consistently act to get there.

I practice what I preach.









Adrian Lucian Moldovan

Collaborator Delta Guide – Reshaping Perspectives

Holistic Entrepreneur & Founder Kigam

My professional life evolved from managing different small and middle businesses, to holistic entrepreneurship. Along the way, I understood that I can really perform according to my inner mission.

Hence, I tried to put together my personal interests for esoteric sciences, my talent for exploring the human nature, and my business mind. That’s why I consider myself a holistic entrepreneur, which has an wide view over life and business dimensions.