How to become free in a world full of constraints

In a world full of constraints, we all deserve to be free! This is not a dream, it’s a right we have since our first breath on this planet. The tricky thing is that since day one, the world we are stepping into, welcomes us with a huge list of rules. The majority of people gets vaccinated in maternity, then we are all raised by our parents based on an infinity of rules about the food we are eating, the culture we are living in, the religion they have and other millions of rules, but they are never raising us based on spontaneity.

Have you ever stopped for a second and counted the rules you are respecting on your way out of the building you are living in, for instance? Once you decide to go out, you may start checking if the windows are closed, if the light, or the gas, or the water, or anything else that can put in real danger your house while you are out are turned off. And in the end, make sure you have locked the door, as well. Now, you are outside your house. So, here you may have some rules respecting other people well-being, like keeping a low level of noise between certain hours. And if your baby starts crying or your dog that has just seen a fly starts barking, you are in deep trouble as one of the sleepy neighbors just woke up and started sending you to hell because you are not able to educate your child or your dog. And here you go! Your day just turns out to be miserable because of so many constraints, so many limits, so many rules that are suffocating you. There is no escape, there is no break to take, there is no bad dream, it’s just the reality you are forced to live in even if it drives you crazy.

Now, stop for a second and think. Is this the life you have been born for? Is this the life you deserve? Is this the way you choose to go ahead?

No, it’s not, and you know it. “But it’s not my fault!”, you might be tempted to say. You cannot control others, you cannot control your child’s reactions, you cannot control your dog, you cannot control the thieves that can break into your house, you cannot control anything that’s outside yourself. 

But you can control Yourself! Freedom, is not something material or something you may achieve from someone external. Freedom is a state of mind! Educating your mind to become free in a world full of constraints, will get you closer to the freedom you are dreaming of. Start with the following 3 steps and see how you feel.

  1. Choose right now something that is really important for you and find an alternative to all the constraints that are blocking you to achieve it. Choose your way, but never hurt others intentionally while you are walking your own path. Keeping a compassionate way of treating others can fortunately make them understand they are seeing a problem only from their angle. And some of them can stop or just change perspective. This way you can set an example that others may follow and start becoming as free as you are.
  2. Set your mind to work for your purpose. If you want to be free, educate your mind to think free. Don’t get stuck in a negative vibe, even if an earthquake just collapses an entire building over you. If you are still breathing, focus on the rhythm of your breath and look for a way out if you want to survive.
  3. Feed your mind with positive thoughts even if you don’t see a way out. The positive energy transforms things faster than you may think.

Try all these 3 steps and see the difference. And if you cannot do it by yourself, ask for help. That’s a bonus step you receive today for reading the entire article!

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